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Biotech funding trends [[electronic resource] ] : insights from entrepreneurs and investors / / Alexandra Carina Gruber

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Autore: Gruber Alexandra Carina <1971-> Visualizza persona
Titolo: Biotech funding trends [[electronic resource] ] : insights from entrepreneurs and investors / / Alexandra Carina Gruber Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Weinheim, : Wiley-Blackwell, c2009
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (212 p.)
Disciplina: 228.4/36606094
Soggetto topico: Biotechnology industries - Europe - Finance
Biotechnology - Europe
Soggetto genere / forma: Electronic books.
Note generali: Description based upon print version of record.
Nota di bibliografia: Includes bibliographical references (p. 137-139) and index.
Nota di contenuto: Biotech Funding Trends: Insights from Entrepreneurs and Investors; Contents; Preface; Acknowledgments; Limit of Liability/Disclaimer of Warranty; Executive Summary; 1 Introduction; 1.1 Development of the Private Equity and Venture Capital Market; 1.1.1 Denition; 1.1.2 Historical Background; 1.1.3 The Challenges to Private Equity in Europe; 1.1.4 Private Equity and Venture Capital Performance in Europe by Country; 1.1.5 The Future of Private Equity and Venture Capital in Europe; 1.2 Development of the Biotech Industry; 1.2.1 Definition; 1.2.2 Historical Background
1.2.3 Financing Biotech Start-ups1.2.4 Exit Routes in the Biotech Industry; 1.2.5 The Challenges to European Biotech; 1.2.6 The Future of the European Biotech Industry; 2 Methodology; 2.1 Formulating the Research Goal; 2.1.1 The Entrepreneur's Dilemma; 2.1.2 The Investor's Dilemma; 2.1.3 Financing Models; 2.1.4 Interpersonal Relationships and Cooperations; 2.1.5 Practical Guidelines for Entrepreneurs and Venture Capitalists; 2.2 Conducting the Study; 2.2.1 Qualitative Interviews; 2.2.2 Selection of Interview Partners; 2.3 Evaluating the Results; 3 Data Analysis and Interpretation of Results
3.1 Description of Interview Partners3.1.1 Entrepreneurs; 3.1.2 Venture Capitalists; 3.1.3 Other Investors; 3.2 Major Characteristics of an Entrepreneur; 3.2.1 The Dual Role of the Entrepreneur; 3.3 Major Characteristics of a Venture Capitalist; 3.3.1 Global Reach of the Fund; 3.4 The Most Important Partnering Criteria; 3.4.1 The Entrepreneur's Perspective; 3.4.2 The Venture Capitalist's Perspective; 3.4.3 The Perspective of Other Investors; 3.5 Financing Models; 3.5.1 Most Important Financing Models; 3.5.2 New and Creative Financing Approaches
3.5.3 Differences Between Early- and Late-stage Financing3.5.4 Differences Between Early- and Late-stage Valuation Techniques; 3.6 Biotech Research Areas; 3.6.1 Vaccines; 3.6.2 Biotech Drug Development or Medical Technology and Devices?; 3.7 Alliances and Funding in the Early Stage; 3.7.1 Networking Between Venture Capitalists and Universities and Their Scientists; 3.7.2 The Role of Government Grants; 3.7.3 The Role of Business Angels; 3.7.4 Preferred Deal Structure; 3.7.5 Structuring the Board of Directors; 3.8 Alliances and Funding in the Late Stage
3.8.1 Networking with Corporate Venture Capitalists3.8.2 The Role of Banks as Capital Investors; 3.8.3 The Importance of Milestone Payments; 3.9 Exit Routes; 3.9.1 Exit Preferences; 3.9.2 The Role of New Markets; 3.9.3 Prominent European IPO Success Stories; 3.10 Primary Causes of Failure; 3.10.1 The Entrepreneur's Perspective; 3.10.2 The Venture Capitalist's Perspective; 3.10.3 The Perspective of Other Investors; 3.11 Best-practice Countries for Funding Biotech Start-ups; 3.11.1 The Entrepreneur's Perspective; 3.11.2 The Venture Capitalist's Perspective
3.11.3 The Perspective of Other Investors
Sommario/riassunto: Based on interviews with successful biotech entrepreneurs and high-level investors as well as case studies, this title provides a comprehensive overview of current trends in biotech funding. In particular, it illustrates the tensions between both sides based on their different backgrounds and expectations. The book outlines the various funding opportunities for the biotech industry and identifies ways for both sides to overcome their existing prejudices in order to successfully thrive in a competitive environment.A must-have for biotech entrepreneurs and investors, as well as invaluable su
Titolo autorizzato: Biotech funding trends  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 1-282-68309-8
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