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Future skill supply in Europe : medium-term forecast up to 2020: synthesis report / CEDEFOP

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Titolo: Future skill supply in Europe : medium-term forecast up to 2020: synthesis report / CEDEFOP Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Luxembourg : Office for official publications of the European Communities, 2009
Descrizione fisica: 151 p. : ill. ; 25 cm
Disciplina: 658.3124094
Soggetto topico: Formazione professionale - Paesi della Comunità europea
Note generali: In cop.: Secondo compl. del tit.: medium-term forecast up to 2020
Sommario/riassunto: This publication presents results of the first skill supply forecast in Europe until 2020 and complements the forecast of skills demand published by Cedefop in 2008. It builds upon a multisectoral macroeconomic model, extended to include a set of overall labour supply projections by age and gender. It focuses on changing patterns in the supply of people in the population and in the labour force according to the highest qualification attained. It provides results for Europe as a whole (EU-25 without Malta and Norway) and for individual countries. The forecast suggests a substantial increase of the adult labour force with high and medium qualifications. In contrast, the number and share of people with low levels or no qualifications is projected to decline in almost all European countries. These general trends are in line with the Lisbon goals to make Europe the most competitive and dynamic knowledge-based society in the world and will remain a key feature in the coming decade. [abstract tratto dalla pubblicazione]
Titolo autorizzato: Future skill supply in Europe  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 978-92-896-0606-6
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Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
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