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Netflix Nations : the geography of digital distribution

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Autore: Lobato Ramon Visualizza persona
Titolo: Netflix Nations : the geography of digital distribution Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: New York : , : New York University Press, , 2019
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (134 pages)
Soggetto topico: Video-on-demand
Streaming video
Television broadcasting
International broadcasting
Soggetto non controllato: Canada
cloud storage
content delivery networks
cultural imperialism
cultural policy
digital markets
digital media studies
digital rights management
download speeds
future of television
global markets
global media
global television
intellectual property
internet studies
internet television
live streaming
local content
media ontology
net neutrality
new media theory
one-way flow
platform studies
satellite television
science and technology studies
television audiences
television history
television studies
television trade
transnational television
virtual private network (VPN)
Nota di bibliografia: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Nota di contenuto: Frontmatter -- Contents -- Preface -- Introduction -- 1. What is Netflix? -- 2. Transnational television: from broadcast to broadband -- 3. The infrastructures of streaming -- 4. Making global markets -- 5. Content, catalogs, and cultural imperialism -- 6. The proxy wars -- Conclusions -- Acknowledgments -- Notes -- Bibliography -- Index -- About the author
Sommario/riassunto: How streaming services and internet distribution have transformed global television culture.Television, once a broadcast medium, now also travels through our telephone lines, fiber optic cables, and wireless networks. It is delivered to viewers via apps, screens large and small, and media players of all kinds. In this unfamiliar environment, new global giants of television distribution are emerging-including Netflix, the world's largest subscription video-on-demand service.Combining media industry analysis with cultural theory, Ramon Lobato explores the political and policy tensions at the heart of the digital distribution revolution, tracing their longer history through our evolving understanding of media globalization. Netflix Nations considers the ways that subscription video-on-demand services, but most of all Netflix, have irrevocably changed the circulation of media content. It tells the story of how a global video portal interacts with national audiences, markets, and institutions, and what this means for how we understand global media in the internet age.Netflix Nations addresses a fundamental tension in the digital media landscape - the clash between the internet's capacity for global distribution and the territorial nature of media trade, taste, and regulation. The book also explores the failures and frictions of video-on-demand as experienced by audiences. The actual experience of using video platforms is full of subtle reminders of market boundaries and exclusions: platforms are geo-blocked for out-of-region users ("this video is not available in your region"); catalogs shrink and expand from country to country; prices appear in different currencies; and subtitles and captions are not available in local languages. These conditions offer rich insight for understanding the actual geographies of digital media distribution. Contrary to popular belief, the story of Netflix is not just an American one. From Argentina to Australia, Netflix's ascension from a Silicon Valley start-up to an international television service has transformed media consumption on a global scale. Netflix Nations will help readers make sense of a complex, ever-shifting streaming media environment.
Titolo autorizzato: Netflix nations  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 1479882283
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Serie: Critical cultural communication.