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The Era of Longevity [[electronic resource] ] : Transformation of Aging, Health and Wealth / / by Dongsheng Chen

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Autore: Chen Dongsheng Visualizza persona
Titolo: The Era of Longevity [[electronic resource] ] : Transformation of Aging, Health and Wealth / / by Dongsheng Chen Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Singapore : , : Springer Nature Singapore : , : Imprint : Springer, , 2023
Edizione: 1st ed. 2023.
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (XXXVII, 207 p. 37 illus., 4 illus. in color.)
Disciplina: 338.7095
Soggetto topico: Business
Age distribution (Demography)
Strategic planning
Asian Business
Mortality and Longevity
Aging Population
Business Strategy and Leadership
Soggetto geografico: Asia
Nota di contenuto: Chapter 1. Longevity Era Centennial Life -- Chapter 2. Healthy Era, Healthier Longevity -- Chapter 3. Wealth era rich life -- Chapter 4. Pioneer of the age of longevity - Japan -- Chapter 5. longevity economy -- Chapter 6. The Road to Corporate Innovation for the Age of Longevity (6 and 7 Merger) -- Chapter 7. Taikang's solution makes the era of longevity better -- Chapter 8. Building a Harmonious Longevity Society.
Sommario/riassunto: This is an open access book under CC BY-NC-ND. This open access book is a comprehensive solution proposed by Dr. Chen Dongsheng for the issues of medical care, pension, and fund raising in the era of longevity. This book studies the relationship among aging population, economic development, and business model innovation. It integrates multi-disciplinary, multi-industry, and multi-professional research and thinking to focus on how to meet the challenge of aging population from business perspective. The author analyzes the keys and experience for Taikang to get successful in this area. The arrival of the "Era of Longevity" not only creates new business opportunities, but also changes the economy, governance, and cultural ecology of the society. It is of interest to the readers in business and policy-making.
Titolo autorizzato: The Era of Longevity  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 981-19-6784-9
Formato: Materiale a stampa
Livello bibliografico Monografia
Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
Record Nr.: 9910682557603321
Lo trovi qui: Univ. Federico II
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