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RF and microwave transistor oscillator design [[electronic resource] /] / Andrei Grebennikov

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Autore: Grebennikov Andrei <1956-> Visualizza persona
Titolo: RF and microwave transistor oscillator design [[electronic resource] /] / Andrei Grebennikov Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Chichester ; ; Hoboken, N.J., : John Wiley, c2007
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (457 p.)
Disciplina: 621.38133
Soggetto topico: Microwave transistors
Radio frequency oscillators
Oscillators, Transistor
Note generali: Description based upon print version of record.
Nota di bibliografia: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Nota di contenuto: Contents; About the Author; Preface; Acknowledgements; 1 Nonlinear circuit design methods; 1.1 SPECTRAL-DOMAIN ANALYSIS; 1.1.1 Trigonometric identities; 1.1.2 Piecewise-linear approximation; 1.1.3 Bessel functions; 1.2 TIME-DOMAIN ANALYSIS; 1.3 NEWTON-RAPHSON ALGORITHM; 1.4 QUASILINEAR METHOD; 1.5 VAN DER POL METHOD; 1.6 COMPUTER-AIDED ANALYSIS AND DESIGN; REFERENCES; 2 Oscillator operation and design principles; 2.1 STEADY-STATE OPERATION MODE; 2.2 START-UP CONDITIONS; 2.3 OSCILLATOR CONFIGURATIONS AND HISTORICAL ASPECTS; 2.4 SELF-BIAS CONDITION
2.5 OSCILLATOR ANALYSIS USING MATRIX TECHNIQUES2.5.1 Parallel feedback oscillator; 2.5.2 Series feedback oscillator; 2.6 DUAL TRANSISTOR OSCILLATORS; 2.7 TRANSMISSION-LINE OSCILLATOR; 2.8 PUSH-PUSH OSCILLATOR; 2.9 TRIPLE-PUSH OSCILLATOR; 2.10 OSCILLATOR WITH DELAY LINE; REFERENCES; 3 Stability of self-oscillations; 3.1 NEGATIVE-RESISTANCE OSCILLATOR CIRCUITS; 3.2 GENERAL SINGLE-FREQUENCY STABILITY CONDITION; 3.3 SINGLE-RESONANT CIRCUIT OSCILLATORS; 3.3.1 Series resonant circuit oscillator with constant load; 3.3.2 Parallel resonant circuit oscillator with nonlinear load
3.4 DOUBLE-RESONANT CIRCUIT OSCILLATOR3.5 STABILITY OF MULTI-RESONANT CIRCUITS; 3.5.1 General multi-frequency stability criterion; 3.5.2 Two-frequency oscillation mode and its stability; 3.5.3 Single-frequency stability of oscillator with two coupled resonant circuits; 3.5.4 Transistor oscillators with two coupled resonant circuits; 3.6 PHASE PLANE METHOD; 3.6.1 Free-running oscillations in lossless resonant LC circuits; 3.6.2 Oscillations in lossy resonant LC circuits; 3.6.3 Aperiodic process in lossy resonant LC circuits; 3.6.4 Transformer-coupled MOSFET oscillator
3.7 NYQUIST STABILITY CRITERION3.8 START-UP AND STABILITY; REFERENCES; 4 Optimum design and circuit technique; 4.1 EMPIRICAL OPTIMUM DESIGN APPROACH; 4.2 ANALYTIC OPTIMUM DESIGN APPROACH; 4.3 PARALLEL FEEDBACK OSCILLATORS; 4.3.1 Optimum oscillation condition; 4.3.2 Optimum MOSFET oscillator; 4.4 SERIES FEEDBACK BIPOLAR OSCILLATORS; 4.4.1 Optimum oscillation condition; 4.4.2 Optimum common base oscillator; 4.4.3 Quasilinear approach [23]; 4.4.4 Computer-aided design [24]; 4.5 SERIES FEEDBACK MESFET OSCILLATORS; 4.5.1 Optimum common gate oscillator; 4.5.2 Quasilinear approach [15]
4.5.3 Computer-aided design [28]4.6 HIGH-EFFICIENCY DESIGN TECHNIQUE; 4.6.1 Class C operation mode; 4.6.2 Class E power oscillators; 4.6.3 Class DE power oscillators; 4.6.4 Class F mode and harmonic tuning; 4.7 PRACTICAL OSCILLATOR SCHEMATICS; REFERENCES; 5 Noise in oscillators; 5.1 NOISE FIGURE; 5.2 FLICKER NOISE; 5.3 ACTIVE DEVICE NOISE MODELLING; 5.3.1 MOSFET devices; 5.3.2 MESFET devices; 5.3.3 Bipolar transistors; 5.4 OSCILLATOR NOISE SPECTRUM: LINEAR MODEL; 5.4.1 Parallel feedback oscillator; 5.4.2 Negative resistance oscillator; 5.4.3 Colpitts oscillator
Sommario/riassunto: The increase of consumer electronics and communications applications using Radio Frequency (RF) and microwave circuits has implications for oscillator design. Applications working at higher frequencies and using novel technologies have led to a demand for more robust circuits with higher performance and functionality, but decreased costs, size and power consumption. As a result, there is also a need for more efficient oscillators. This book presents up to date information on all aspects of oscillator design, enabling a selection of the best oscillator topologies with optimized noise reductio
Titolo autorizzato: RF and microwave transistor oscillator design  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 1-280-85601-7
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Livello bibliografico Monografia
Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
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