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War and society in the Roman world / / edited by John Rich and Graham Shipley

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Titolo: War and society in the Roman world / / edited by John Rich and Graham Shipley Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: London ; ; New York : , : Routledge, , 1993
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (328 p.)
Disciplina: 355/.00937
Soggetto topico: Military art and science - Rome - History
Sociology, Military - Rome - History
Soggetto geografico: Rome History, Military
Altri autori: RichJohn <1944->  
Note generali: Selected, revised versions of papers from a series of seminars sponsored by the Classics Departments of Leicester and Nottingham Universities, 1988-1990.
Nota di bibliografia: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Nota di contenuto: Book Cover; Title; Contents; List of illustrations; Notes on contributors; Preface; Abbreviations; Introduction; The Roman conquest of Italy; Fear, greed and glory: the causes of Roman war-making in the middle Republic; Urbs direpta, or how the Romans sacked cities; Military organization and social change in the later Roman Republic; Roman poetry and anti-militarism; The end of Roman imperial expansion; Roman peace; Piracy under the principate and the ideology of imperial eradication; War and diplomacy: Rome and Parthia, 31 BC AD 235; Philosophers' attitudes to warfare under the principate
The end of the Roman army in the western empireLandlords and warlords in the later Roman Empire; Index
Sommario/riassunto: This volume focuses on the changing relationship between warfare and the Roman citizen body, from the Republic, when war was at the heart of Roman life, through to the Principate, when it was confined to professional soldiers and expansion largely ceased, and finally on to the Late Empire and the Roman army's eventual failure.
Titolo autorizzato: War and society in the Roman world  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 1-134-91990-5
Formato: Materiale a stampa
Livello bibliografico Monografia
Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
Record Nr.: 9910666965503321
Lo trovi qui: Univ. Federico II
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Serie: Leicester-Nottingham studies in ancient society ; ; v. 5.