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Philosemitism in history / / edited by Jonathan Karp, Adam Sutcliffe [[electronic resource]]

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Titolo: Philosemitism in history / / edited by Jonathan Karp, Adam Sutcliffe [[electronic resource]] Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Cambridge : , : Cambridge University Press, , 2011
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (viii, 348 pages) : digital, PDF file(s)
Disciplina: 305.892/4
Soggetto topico: Philosemitism - History
Persona (resp. second.): KarpJonathan <1960->
Note generali: Title from publisher's bibliographic system (viewed on 05 Oct 2015).
Nota di bibliografia: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Nota di contenuto: Introduction: a brief history of philosemitism / Adam Sutcliffe and Jonathan Karp -- Part I. Medieval and Early Modern Frameworks: 1. Philosemitic tendencies in medieval western Christendom / Robert Chazan -- 2. The revival of Christian Hebraism in early modern Europe / Abraham Melamed -- 3. The philosemitic moment? Judaism and republicanism in seventeenth-century European thought / Adam Sutcliffe -- Part II. Three European Philosemites: 4. William Whiston's Judeo-Christianity: millenarianism and Christian Zionism in early enlightenment England / Adam Shear -- 5. A friend of the Jews? The Abbe Gregoire and philosemitism in revolutionary France / Alyssa Goldstein Sepinwall -- 6. Ordinary people, ordinary Jews: Mór Jókai as Magyar philosemite / Howard Lupovitch -- Part III. The Cultural Politics of Philosemitism in Victorian Britain and Imperial Germany: 7. Bad Jew / good Jewess: gender and semitic discourse in nineteenth-century England / Nadia Valman -- 8. Anti'philosemitism' and anti-antisemitism in imperial Germany / Lars Fischer -- 9. From recognition to consensus: the nature of philosemitism in Germany, 1871-1932 / Alan T. Levenson -- Part IV. American Philosemitism: 10. Ethnic role models and chosen peoples: philosemitism in African-American culture / Jonathan Karp -- 11. Connoisseurs of angst: the Jewish mystique and postwar American literary culture / Julian Levinson -- 12. 'It's all in the Bible': evangelical Christians, biblical literalism and philosemitism in our times / Yaakov Ariel -- Part V. Philosemitism in Post-Holocaust Europe: 13. What is the opposite of genocide? Philosemitic television in Germany, 1963-1995 / Wulf Kansteiner -- 14. 'Non-Jewish, non kosher, yet also recommended': beyond 'virtually Jewish' in post-millenium Central Europe / Ruth Ellen Gruber.
Sommario/riassunto: Too often philosemitism, the idealization of Jews and Judaism, has been simplistically misunderstood as merely antisemitism in sheep's clothing. This book takes a different approach, surveying the phenomenon from antiquity to the present day, and highlighting its rich complexity and broad impact on Western culture. Philosemitism in History includes fourteen essays by specialist historians, anthropologists, literary scholars and scholars of religion, ranging from medieval philosemitism, to such modern and contemporary topics as the African American depiction of Jews as ethnic role models, the Zionism of Christian evangelicals, pro-Jewish educational television in West Germany, and the current fashion for Jewish kitsch memorabilia in contemporary East-Central Europe. An extensive introductory chapter offers a thorough and original overview of the topic. The book underscores both the endurance and the malleability of philosemitism, drawing attention to this important, yet widely neglected, facet of Jewish - non-Jewish relations.
Titolo autorizzato: Philosemitism in history  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 0-511-86176-1
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