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Financial globalization [[electronic resource] ] : a compilation of articles from Finance & development / / [editors Jeremy Clift and Elisa Diehl]

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Titolo: Financial globalization [[electronic resource] ] : a compilation of articles from Finance & development / / [editors Jeremy Clift and Elisa Diehl] Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Washington, D.C., : International Monetary Fund, c2007
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (97 p.)
Disciplina: 332/.042
Soggetto topico: International finance
Economic assistance - Developing countries
Soggetto genere / forma: Electronic books.
Altri autori: CliftJeremy  
Note generali: "April 2007."
Nota di bibliografia: Includes bibliographical references.
Nota di contenuto: Cover; Preface; Contents; Beyond the Blame Game; A new way of looking at financial globalization reexamines its costs and benefits; Liberalizing Capital Account Restrictions; Global Capital Flows: Defying Gravity; The Paradox of Capital; Is foreign capital associated with economic growth and, if not, why does it flow "uphill"?; Globalization: The Story Behind the Numbers; Surmounting the Challenges of Globalization; Is Liberalization Reversible?; Globalization is unsettling for many despite its many benefits; Examining Global Imbalances
What new data tell us about the external wealth of nations Converting a Tiger; Lessons from India's gradualist approach to capital account convertibility; Economic Policy Implications of Global Financial Flows; The lack of a lender of last resort creates a vacuum in the international institutional structure; The Changing Face of Investors; The implications for financial stability of the sharp rise in international capital flows; Dealing with Global Fluidity; With new forces shaping global capital markets, participants in international finance are well advised to rethink their operating models
The Globalization of Finance Despite considerable benefits to national economies, financial globalization has changed the structure of their markets; Are Foreign Investors in Emerging Market Economies a Panic-Prone Herd?; What are the consequences of herdlike behavior?; Small Fish, Big Pond; What is the future for developing country capital markets in a globalized economy?; Wising Up about Finance; With tighter links between national economies and global financial markets, better financial analysis is critical to macroeconomic management; The New World of Banking
Four trends altering the financial world pose challenges for the effective supervision and regulation of the financial sector Taking the Plunge Without Getting Hurt; An IMF study suggests that opening up to the global economy could help developing countries cope with the adverse effects of volatility on growth; Lifting All Boats; A critical survey of recent studies on trade liberalization; Trade, Growth, and Poverty; How has increased participation in international trade affected developing countries economically?; Globalization at Work; Making the WTO More Supportive of Development
How to help developing countries integrate into the global trading systemMaking Globalization Work for the Poor; Point-Counterpoint between Kevin Watkins and David Dollar and Aart Kraay; Demystifying Outsourcing; The numbers do not support the hype over job losses
Sommario/riassunto: Assiduously tracking the trends and consequences of globalization, the IMF's quarterly magazine Finance & Development has been a major forum for discussing-and dissecting-the policy options and challenges faced by governments in an era when many national decisions transcend borders. This valuable compilation of articles published over the past eight years focuses on financial globalization, including the policy implications of the huge growth in cross-border capital flows. Articles also look at the expansion of world trade, explore the impact of globalization on jobs, taxation, and the poor, a
Altri titoli varianti: Impact on trade, policy, labor, and capital flows
Titolo autorizzato: Financial globalization  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 1-4552-4890-8
Formato: Materiale a stampa
Livello bibliografico Monografia
Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
Record Nr.: 9910456086903321
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