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Globalization's contradictions [[electronic resource] ] : geographies of discipline, destruction and transformation / / edited by Dennis Conway and Nik Heynen

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Titolo: Globalization's contradictions [[electronic resource] ] : geographies of discipline, destruction and transformation / / edited by Dennis Conway and Nik Heynen Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: London, : Routledge, 2006
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (304 p.)
Disciplina: 303.48/2
Soggetto topico: Globalization
International relations
Soggetto genere / forma: Electronic books.
Altri autori: ConwayDennis <1941->  
HeynenNik <1973->  
Note generali: Description based upon print version of record.
Nota di contenuto: Book Cover; Half-Title; Title; Copyright; Dedication; Contents; Illustrations; Contributors; Preface; Part I Globalization and neoliberalism: Dominating disciplines; 1 Globalization's dimensions; 2 The ascendancy of neoliberalism and emergence of contemporary globalization; Part II Globalization's many dimensions; Globalization's macroeconomic faces; 3 Global financial architecture transitions: Mutations through "roll-back" neoliberalism to technocratic fixes; 4 Multi-local global corporations: New reach - same core locations
5 Systems of production and international competitiveness: Prospects for the developing nationsGlobalization's unruly spaces; 6 Globalization of labor: Increasing complexity, more unruly; 7 Unruly spaces: Globalization and transnational criminal economies; Globalization's geopolitical faces; 8 Geopolitical globalization: From world systems to global city systems; 9 Globalization has a home address: The geopolitics of globalization; 10 The globalization of culture: Geography and the industrial production of culture; 11 The globalization of fear: Fear as a technology of governance
Part III Alternative visions: Constructive, democratic and hopeful12 The neoliberalization of the global environment; 13 Globalization's cultural challenges: Homogenization, hybridization and heightened identity; 14 Globalization from below: Coordinating global resistance, alternative social forums, civil society and grassroots networks; 15 Towards "fair globalization": Opposing neoliberal destruction, relying on democratic institutions and local empowerment, and sustaining human development; References; Index
Sommario/riassunto: Since the 1980s, globalization and neoliberalism have brought about a comprehensive restructuring of everyone's lives. People are being 'disciplined' by neoliberal economic agendas, 'transformed' by communication and information technology changes, global commodity chains and networks, and in the Global South in particular, destroyed livelihoods, debilitating impoverishment, disease pandemics, among other disastrous disruptions, are also globalization's legacy. This collection of geographical treatments of such a complex set of processes unearths the contradictions in the impa
Titolo autorizzato: Globalization's contradictions  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 1-135-98625-8
Formato: Materiale a stampa
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Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
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