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Social Media Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality / / by Roberta Minazzi

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Autore: Minazzi Roberta Visualizza persona
Titolo: Social Media Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality / / by Roberta Minazzi Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Cham : , : Springer International Publishing : , : Imprint : Springer, , 2015
Edizione: 1st ed. 2015.
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (178 p.)
Disciplina: 005.7
Soggetto topico: Tourism
Industrial management
Tourism Management
Media Management
Innovation/Technology Management
Media Research
Information Systems and Communication Service
Note generali: Description based upon print version of record.
Nota di bibliografia: Includes bibliographical references.
Nota di contenuto: Foreword; Preface; Contents; 1 Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs) in Tourism: Concepts and Developments; Abstract; 1.1 ICTs Developments in Tourism; 1.2 From Web 1.0 to Web 3.0: Concepts and Definitions; 1.3 Social Media Classification; 1.3.1 Collaborative Projects; 1.3.2 Virtual Communities; Micro-Blogging: The Case of Twitter; 1.3.3 Content Communities; Online Pinboards: The Case of Pinterest; 1.3.4 Social Network Sites; Facebook Corporate Pages; 1.3.5 Virtual Games/Social Worlds; 1.4 The Development of Social Media in Tourism; References
2 The Digitization of Word-of-MouthAbstract; 2.1 The Concept of Word-of-Mouth; 2.2 Word-of-Mouth and Electronic Word-of-Mouth; 2.3 Electronic Word-of-Mouth Outcomes; 2.4 eWOM Biased Information; 2.5 Dimensions for An Analysis of eWOM; 2.5.1 The Message; 2.5.2 The Communicator; 2.5.3 The Receiver; 2.6 Recommendation Framing; 2.7 Credibility of User-Generated Content; 2.7.1 Reviews, Rankings, and Ratings in the Tourism Sector: The TripAdvisor Experience; References; 3 Social Media Impacts on Travelers; Abstract; 3.1 Consumer Behavior in Tourism; 3.2 The Travel Experience
3.3 Social Media Influence on Travelers' Planning Process3.3.1 Pre-Trip Phase; 3.3.2 During-Trip Phase; 3.3.3 Post-Trip Phase; 3.4 Sharing Travel Experiences on Social Media; 3.4.1 Tourism Experience and Storytelling; 3.4.2 The Dimensions of Co-Creation Through Technology; 3.4.3 Motivations for Sharing Travel Experience; 3.5 Social Media Users; 3.5.1 Lurkers and Posters; 3.5.2 Social Shoppers; 3.5.3 Social Media Users Demographics; References; 4 Social Media Impacts on Travel Suppliers: Social Media Marketing; Abstract; 4.1 Recent Developments in the Travel Distribution System
4.1.1 The Role of Social Media in Travel Distribution4.1.2 A Focus on Flash Sales and Social Couponing; 4.2 Social Media Approaches for Travel Companies; 4.2.1 A Focus on Customer Engagement; 4.2.2 Social Media Approaches; 4.3 New Ways of Interacting with Customers: From Information to Conversations; 4.3.1 Relationship Marketing; 4.3.2 Online Relationship Marketing; 4.3.3 Customer Relationship Management; 4.3.4 Electronic Customer Relationship Management in Tourism and Hospitality; 4.3.5 Social Media Customer Care; 4.4 Travelers' Engagement by Means of Social Media
4.4.1 Consumers' Engagement in Online Corporate Blogs4.4.2 Well Begun Is Half Done: Give a Good Welcome; 4.4.3 Engaging Content on Social Media; Social Media Content Focus and Storytelling; Call Social Media Users to Action; An Investigation on European Hotel Brands Facebook Approaches; 4.5 How to Manage Electronic Word-of-Mouth; 4.5.1 A Focus on Online Travel Reviews: Reply or not to Reply?; 4.6 Social Media and Communication; 4.6.1 A Focus on Facebook Advertising Tools; 4.7 Social Media Use Within Pricing and Revenue Management; References
5 Mobile Social Media Marketing in Tourism
Sommario/riassunto: This book describes ongoing developments in social media within the tourism and hospitality sector, highlighting impacts on both the demand and the supply side. It offers a combination of theory and practice, with discussion of real-life business experiences. The book is divided into three parts, the first of which provides an overview of recent trends in social media and user-generated content, clarifies concepts that are often used in an overlapping way and examines the “digitization of word of mouth” via online networks. The second part analyzes the impacts that social media can have on traveler behavior for each step in the travel process and also on suppliers, highlighting opportunities, threats and strategies. In the third part of the book, future potential trends deriving from the mobile marketing technologies are explored and possible methods for social monitoring by means of key performance indicators are examined. It is considered how engaging customers and prospects by means of social media might increase customer loyalty, foster electronic word-of-mouth communication, and consequently have important effects on corporate sales and revenues. The discussion encompasses methods to measure company performance on each of the social media in order to understand the optimal mix that will support and improve business strategies.
Titolo autorizzato: Social Media Marketing in Tourism and Hospitality  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 3-319-05182-2
Formato: Materiale a stampa
Livello bibliografico Monografia
Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
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