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From insurgency to stability . Volume I Key capabilities and practices [[electronic resource] /] / Angel Rabasa ... [et al.]

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Titolo: From insurgency to stability . Volume I Key capabilities and practices [[electronic resource] /] / Angel Rabasa ... [et al.] Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Santa Monica, Calif., : RAND Corp., 2011
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (273 p.)
Disciplina: 327.73
Soggetto topico: Insurgency
Soggetto geografico: United States Armed Forces
Soggetto genere / forma: Electronic books.
Altri autori: RabasaAngel  
Note generali: "Prepared for the Office of the Secretary of Defense."
Nota di bibliografia: Includes bibliographical references.
Nota di contenuto: Cover; Title Page; Copyright; Preface; Contents; Figures; Tables; Summary; Acknowledgments; Abbreviations; Chapter One: Introduction; The Goals of This Research; The Fragile Transition; COIN Transition; Different Levels of U.S. Involvement in Counterinsurgency; Major U.S. Involvement in the Counterinsurgency; Limited U.S. Involvement; No U.S. Involvement; Implications of Different Outcome Scenarios; Chapter Two: U.S. Interagency Planning and Implementation-Vision andReality in 2010; The Department of State Coordinator for Reconstruction andStabilization and the Civilian Response Corps
Prospects for Improved Approaches to Interagency Planning andExecution of SROsContractors as Vehicles for Continuity; Information Systems; Chapter Three: Military-to-Civilian Hand-Off of Security and Economic Operations; Describing Security and Economic Operations; Military Hand-Off of Security Operations; Sustaining Military-to-Military Relations; Hand-Off of Policing and Public Safety Programs; Hand-Off of Intelligence, Surveillance, and ReconnaissancePrograms; Hand-Off of Economic Operations to Civilian Agency Leadership; Provincial Reconstruction Teams
The United States Agency for International DevelopmentThe DoD in Economic Operations; Economic Operations in Iraq; Hand-Off Challenges During Operation Iraqi Freedom; Project Coordination, Assessment, and Transfer; Civilian Staffing and Continuity of Project Oversight; The Evolution of the PRTs After the Transition; Chapter Four: Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration; The Concept of DDR; Definition; DDR Phases and Prerequisites; Eligibility Criteria for Inclusion in DDR Programs; Women; Child Soldiers; DDR and Technical Support
The Role of International Police in Post-COIN EnvironmentsCoordination and Implementation of the DDR Process; Monitoring; Chapter Five: Police and Justice Functions; Introduction; Building Police Capabilities; The U.S. Experience with Police Assistance; Building Justice and Corrections Capabilities; The U.S. Experience with Justice and Corrections Assistance; Challenges in Building Police, Justice, and Corrections Systems inTransition Environments; Gaps in Policing Capabilities; Gaps in Justice Capabilities; Gaps That Could Be Filled Through New Research
Gaps That Could Be Filled Through Improved Planning andCoordinationGaps That May Be Filled by International Partners; Chapter Six: The Contribution of International Partners; Transition-Relevant Capabilities of International Institutions; United Nations; European Union; Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe; African Union; International Police Capabilities; United Nations; European Union; European Gendarmerie Forces; NATO Multinational Specialized Units; Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe; African Union Police; Center of Excellence for Stability Police Units
Rule of Law
Sommario/riassunto: This book identifies the procedures and capabilities that the U.S. Department of Defense, other agencies of the U.S. government, U.S. allies and partners, and international organizations require in order to support the transition from counterinsurgency, when the military takes primary responsibility for security and economic operations, to stability and reconstruction, when police and civilian government agencies take the lead.
Titolo autorizzato: From insurgency to stability  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 1-283-71441-8
Formato: Materiale a stampa
Livello bibliografico Monografia
Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
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