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The Global Airline Industry [[electronic resource]]

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Autore: Belobaba Peter Visualizza persona
Titolo: The Global Airline Industry [[electronic resource]] Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Hoboken, : Wiley, 2009
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (520 p.)
Disciplina: 387.7
Soggetto topico: Aeronautics, Commercial
Airlines -- Management
Airlines -- Marketing
Transportation Economics
Business & Economics
Altri autori: OdoniAmedeo R  
Note generali: Description based upon print version of record.
Nota di contenuto: THE GLOBAL AIRLINE INDUSTRY; Contents; List of Contributors; Series Preface; Notes on Contributors; Acknowledgements; 1 Introduction and Overview; 1.1 Introduction: The Global Airline Industry; 1.1.1 Deregulation and Liberalization Worldwide; 1.1.2 Recent Industry Evolution; 1.1.3 Looking Ahead: Industry Challenges; 1.2 Overview of Chapters; References; 2 The International Institutional and Regulatory Environment; 2.1 Introduction; 2.2 Background on the International Regulatory Environment; 2.2.1 The Chicago Convention; 2.2.2 "Freedoms of the Air"
2.3 Airline Privatization and International Economic Regulation2.3.1 Airline Privatization; 2.3.2 Types and Critical Aspects of Air Service Agreements (ASAs); 2.3.3 Typical Content of Bilateral and Multilateral ASAs; 2.3.4 The Unified European Union Market and Other Major Developments; 2.4 Airports; 2.4.1 Restrictions on Airport Access; 2.4.2 Airport Ownership and Management; 2.5 Air Traffic Management; 2.6 Key Organizations and Their Roles; 2.6.1 International Organizations; 2.6.2 Organizations in the USA; 2.7 Summary and Conclusions; References
3 Overview of Airline Economics, Markets and Demand3.1 Airline Terminology and Definitions; 3.1.1 Basic Airline Profit Equation; 3.2 Air Transportation Markets; 3.2.1 Typical Air Passenger Trip; 3.2.2 Spatial Definitions of Airline Markets; 3.3 Origin-Destination Market Demand; 3.3.1 Dichotomy of Airline Demand and Supply; 3.3.2 Factors Affecting Volume of O-D Demand; 3.3.3 Quality of Service Factors; 3.3.4 Total Trip Time and Frequency; 3.4 Air Travel Demand Models; 3.4.1 Elasticity of Air Travel Demand; 3.4.2 Air Travel Demand Segments; 3.4.3 O-D Market Demand Functions
3.5 Airline Competition and Market Share3.5.1 Market Share/Frequency Share Model; 3.5.2 S-curve Model Formulation; 3.6 Chapter Summary; References; 4 Fundamentals of Pricing and Revenue Management; 4.1 Airline Prices and O-D Markets; 4.1.1 Regulated vs. Liberalized Pricing; 4.1.2 Theoretical Pricing Strategies; 4.1.3 Price Discrimination vs. Product Differentiation; 4.2 Airline Differential Pricing; 4.2.1 Market Segmentation; 4.2.2 Fare Product Restrictions; 4.2.3 Traditional Airline Fare Structures; 4.2.4 Recent Trends in Airline Pricing; 4.3 Airline Revenue Management
4.3.1 Computerized Revenue Management Systems4.3.2 Flight Overbooking; 4.3.3 EMSR Methods for Flight Leg Revenue Optimization; 4.3.4 Network Revenue Management; 4.3.5 Revenue Management for Less Restricted Fare Structures; References; 5 Airline Operating Costs and Measures of Productivity; 5.1 Airline Cost Categorization; 5.1.1 Administrative vs. Functional Cost Categories; 5.1.2 Cost Drivers by Functional Category; 5.2 Operating Expense Comparisons; 5.2.1 Percentage Breakdown of Operating Expenses; 5.2.2 Legacy vs. Low-Cost Airlines; 5.2.3 Flight Operating Cost Comparisons
5.3 Comparisons of Airline Unit Costs
Sommario/riassunto: In today's rapidly changing air transport environment, the aviation professionals require access to advanced and comprehensive knowledge, coupled with an in-depth understanding of the needs of the airline industry. Drawing on the editors' extensive experience with airline and air transport issues, The Global Airline Industry provides a definitive introduction to our air transportation system. Featuring contributors from 3 different continents, all affiliated to MIT's Global Airline Industry Program, this book's unique and holistic perspective is allied with detailed coverage of <ul
Titolo autorizzato: The Global Airline Industry  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 1-282-12357-2
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