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Name reactions for carbocyclic ring formations [[electronic resource] /] / edited by Jie Jack Li ; foreword by E.J. Corey

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Titolo: Name reactions for carbocyclic ring formations [[electronic resource] /] / edited by Jie Jack Li ; foreword by E.J. Corey Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: Hoboken, N.J., : Wiley, c2010
Descrizione fisica: 1 online resource (774 p.)
Disciplina: 547/.2
Soggetto topico: Ring formation (Chemistry)
Altri autori: LiJie Jack  
CoreyE. J  
Note generali: Description based upon print version of record.
Nota di bibliografia: Includes bibliographical references and index.
Nota di contenuto: Name Reactions for Carbocyclic Ring Formations; Contents; Foreword; Preface; Contributing Authors; Chapter 1 Three-Membered Carbocycles; 1.1 Freund Reaction; 1.2 Kishner Cyclopropane Synthesis; 1.3 Kulinovich Cyclopropanol Synthesis; 1.4 Simmons-Smith Cyclopropanation; Chapter 2 Four-Membered Carbocycles; 2.1 Staudinger Ketene Cycloaddition; Chapter 3 Five-Membered Carbocycles; 3.1 Danheiser Annulation; 3.2 Dieckmann Condensation; 3.3 Favorskii Rearrangement; 3.4 Nazarov Cyclization; 3.5 Pauson-Khand Reaction; 3.6 Weiss-Cook Reaction; Chapter 4 Six-Membered Carbocycles
4.1 Bardhan-Sengupta Pheantherene Synthesis4.2 Bergman Cyclization; 4.3 Bogert-Cook Reaction; 4.4 Bradsher Cycloaddition and Bradsher Reaction; 4.5 Bradsher Reaction; 4.6 Darzens Synthesis of Tetralin Derivatives; 4.7 Diels-Alder Reaction; 4.8 Dötz Benzannulation; 4.9 Elbs Reaction; 4.10 Fujimoto-Belleau Reaction; 4.11 Haworth Reaction; 4.12 Moore Cyclization; 4.13 Myers-Saito Cyclization; 4.14 Robinson Annulation; 4.15 Scholl Reaction; Chapter 5 Large-Ring Carbocycles; 5.1 Buchner Reaction; 5.2 de Mayo Reaction; 5.3 Ring-closing Metathesis (RCM); 5.4 Thorpe-Ziegler Reaction
Chapter 6 Transformations of Carbocycles 6.1 Blanc Chloromethylation Reaction; 6.2 Asymmetric Friedel-Crafts Reactions: Past to Present; 6.3 Houben-Hoesch Reaction; 6.4 Kolbe-Schmitt Reaction; 6.5 Vilsmeier-Haack Reaction; 6.6 von Richter Reaction; Appendices; 1, Contents Volume 1: Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry; 2, Contents Volume 2: Name Reactions for Functional Group Transformations; 3, Contents Volume 3: Name Reactions for Homologations-Part I; 4, Contents Volume 4: Name Reactions for Homologations-Part II; 5, Contents Volume 6: Name Reactions in Heterocyclic Chemistry-Part II
Subject Index
Sommario/riassunto: This book continues the well-established and authoritative series on name reactions in organic chemistry by focusing on name reactions on ring formation. Ring formatting reactions have found widespread applicability in traditional organic synthesis, medicinal/pharmaceuticals, agricultural, fine chemicals, and of late, especially in polymer science.
Titolo autorizzato: Name reactions for carbocyclic ring formations  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 1-299-31411-2
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Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
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Serie: Comprehensive name reactions.