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Consumer credit and the American economy / Thomas A. Durkin ... [et al.]

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Titolo: Consumer credit and the American economy / Thomas A. Durkin ... [et al.] Visualizza cluster
Pubblicazione: XXI, 710 p. ; 24 cm
Edizione: New York [etc.] : Oxford University press, 2014
Descrizione fisica: Pubblicazione in formato elettronico
Disciplina: 332.743
Soggetto topico: Consumer credit - Government policy - United States
Consumer credit - United States
Persona (resp. second.): Durkin, Thomas A.
Sommario/riassunto: Consumer Credit and the American Economy examines the economics, behavioral science, sociology, history, institutions, law, and regulation of consumer credit in the United States. After discussing the origins and various kinds of consumer credit available in today's marketplace, this book reviews at some length the long run growth of consumer credit to explore the widely held belief that somehow consumer credit has risen'too fast for too long.'It then turns to demand and supply with chapters discussing neoclassical theories of demand, new behavioral economics, and evidence on production costs and why consumer credit might seem expensive compared to some other kinds of credit like government finance. This discussion includes review of the economics of risk management and funding sources, as well discussion of the economic theory of why some people might be limited in their credit search, the phenomenon of credit rationing. This examination includes review of issues of risk management through mathematical methods of borrower screening known as credit scoring and financial market sources of funding for offerings of consumer credit. The book then discusses technological change in credit granting. It examines how modern automated information systems called credit reporting agencies, or more popularly'credit bureaus,'reduce the costs of information acquisition and permit greater credit availability at less cost.
Titolo autorizzato: Consumer credit and the American economy  Visualizza cluster
ISBN: 978-01-993849-5-2
Formato: Materiale a stampa
Livello bibliografico Monografia
Lingua di pubblicazione: Inglese
Record Nr.: SUN0107286
Lo trovi qui: Univ. Vanvitelli
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Serie: Financial Management Association Survey and Synthesis Series New York . -Oxford University press.