00982nam a22002411i 4500ARCHE-04463120030911165321.0030925s1950 xxu|||||||||||||||||eng Biblioteca InterfacoltàitaA.t.i. Arché s.c.r.l. Pandora Sicilia s.r.l.841.1The first continuation :redaction of Mss E M Q U /edited by William Roach and Robert H. Ivy, JrPhiladelphia :The American Philosophical Society,1950XII, 615 p. ;24 cmThe Continuations of the Old French Perceval of Chretien de Troyes ;2Roach, WilliamIvy, Robert H..b1239878002-04-1408-10-03b1239878LE002 841.1 PERLE002 Filol. I F 16/II12002000076182le002V. 2-E0,00-l-00000.i1280818008-10-03First continuation153709UNISALENTOle00208-10-03ma-engxxu41