01093nam a2200241 i 4500LE0063750620020506124931.0960704s1979 ne ||| | eng Dip.to Fisicaita53.7.1653.9.1Conference on atomic scale structure of amorphous solids <1978 ; Yorktown Heights, NY>461201Atomic scale structure of amorphous solids :proceedings of the Conference held at Yorktown Heights, New York, 3-5 April 1978 /J.D. Mackenzie (ed.)Amsterdam :North-Holland Publ. Co.,1979286 p. ;23 cm.Special issue of the Journal of non-crystalline solids (1978).Mackenzie, J.D.authorhttp://id.loc.gov/vocabulary/relators/aut784739.b1013521221-09-0627-06-02b1013521LE006 53.7.16 MAC12006000054713le006-E0,00-l-00000.i1015930727-06-02Atomic scale structure of amorphous solids1745339UNISALENTOle00601-01-96ma-engne 01