01094nam0 2200265 450 00002596420200616174322.020090526d1964----km-y0itay50------baengGBa-------001yyObservations during the eclipse of february 1961sixth AGARD ionospheric research Committee Meetingedited by Luciano De SocioNaples, 15-20 May 1961Oxford [etc.]Pergamon1964VI, 53 p.ill.25 cmSul front.: Published for and on behalf of Advisory group for aeronautical research and development North Atlantic Treaty Organization2001Observations during the eclipse of February 196159002523.7820Sole. EclissiDe Socio,LucianoAGARD inospheric research committee meeting<6. ;1961Napoli>ITUNIPARTHENOPE20090526RICAUNIMARC000025964DISAM 523.78/1M 816DISAM2009Observations during the eclipse of february 196159002UNIPARTHENOPE