01324nam0 22002891i 450 UON043247920210808085356.38697-7017-196-420131030d2001 |0itac50 baengEG|||| |||||ˆAn ‰anthology of the new Arabic poetry in Egyptselected, translated and introduced by M. M. EnaniCairoGeneral Egyptian Book Organization2001308 p.20 cm001UON04324802001 Contemporary Arabic Literature. - CairoGeneral Egyptian Book Organization. - v. ; 20 cm. - Descrizione basata su: nr. 3(2001)3POESIA EGIZIANAAntologieUONC084775FIEGIl CairoUONL000377892.716008POESIA ARABA MODERNA - Antologie21ENANIM.UONV054697General Egyptian Book OrganizationUONV256413650ITSOL20210809RICASIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOUONSIUON0432479SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOSI ARA Afr VI C a y 153 SI 6957 5 153 Dono Prof.ssa Loubna Youssef - Cairo UniversityAnthology of the new Arabic poetry in Egypt1336453UNIOR