01167nam0 22002891i 450 UON042434420210808085356.38604-13-17390-920130513d1989 |0itac50 baengGB|||| 1||||Didn't you kill my mother in law?the story of alternative comedy in Britain from the comedy store to saturday liveRoger WilmutPeter RosengardLondonMethuen1989xvi, 285 p.ill.25 cm.TEATRO INGLESEStoriaSec. 19.-20.UONC065853FIGBLondonUONL003044792.0942Teatro inglese21WILMUTRogerUONV117879679431ROSENGARDPeterUONV215964710955Methuen & Co.UONV247855650ITSOL20210809RICASIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOUONSIUON0424344SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOSI Angl VI C 0820 SI LO 46339 5 0820 BuonoDidn't you kill my mother in law1332277UNIOR