01495nam0 22003251i 450 UON019272820210808085237.77604-15-10504-820030730d1995 |0itac50 baengGB|||| 1||||Lectures on poetryJoseph Trappwith a new introduction by John Valdimir PriceLondon : Routledge/Thoemmes Press1995xi, vi358 p. ; 23 cm. Ristampa anastatica dell'ed.: Lectures on poetry, read in the schools of Natural Philosophy at Oxford / by Joseph Trapp ; traslated from the latin, with additional notesLondonprinted for C. Hitch and C. Davis, 1742.001UON01728152001 Foundations of Literary Theorythe Eighteenth Century210 LondonRoutledge/ Thoemmes Press1995.POETICAUONC023999FIPOESIAUONC039879FIGBLondonUONL003044808.1Retorica della poesia21TRAPPJosephUONV113769678017PRICEJohn ValdimirUONV109386Routledge/ThoemmesUONV266238650ITSOL20210809RICASIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOUONSIUON0192728SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOSI Angl IV A TRA 02 SI LO 59041 5 02 BuonoLectures on poetry1292093UNIOR