01762nam0 22003611i 450 UON019220720090310120000.008-240-0581-320030730d1973 |0engc50 baengUS||||Z 1||||The *pilgrim, or, The stranger in his own countryby Lope de Vega. Dianaa pastoral romance in four booksby Jorge De Montemayor. with, his continuation in three books by Gaspard Gil Polowith a new introduction for the Garland ed. by Josephine GriederNew YorkLondon : Garland, 19731 v.varie sequenze)24 cmEd. orig.: London, 1738.001UON01730722001 *Foundations of the novel210 New YorkLondonGarland001UON03781652001 The *stranger in his own country001UON03217472001 *Dianaa pastoral romance in four booksby Jorge De MontemayorUSNew YorkUON0000050GBLondonUON0003044863Narrativa spagnola21VEGA CARPIO, Lope FĂ©lix : deUON0115891221921MONTEMAYOR, Jorge : deUON0128305447114POLO, Gaspar GilUON0167390131766GRIEDER, JosephineUON0113468Garland PublishingUON0012193650ITSOL20150908RICAUON0192207SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOSI Angl XV A VEG SI SI 7777 SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOSI7777Angl XV A VEG ePilgrim, or, The stranger in his own country1293443UNIOR