01704nam0 22003611i 450 UON009717520210808085127.5720020107d1978 |0itac50 bagrcUS|||| 1||||AetiaIambi ; Lyric Poems ; Hecale ; Minor Epic and Elegiac Poems ; other fragmentsCallimachustext, translation and notes by C. A. Trypanis. Hero a nd LeanderMusaeusintroduction, text and notes by Thomas Gelzerwith an English translation by Cedric WhitmanCambridgeMass.Harvard University Press ; LondonW. Heinemann1978XVIII, 422 p.16 cm Callimachus: p. 2-287 Musaeus: p. 288-422001UON00676842001 ˆThe ‰Loeb classical library421LETTERATURA GRECAUONC020864FIUSCambridge (Mass.)UONL000262GBLondonUONL003044880LETTERATURA GRECA CLASSICA21CALLIMACHUSUONV059624161836MUSAEUSUONV063051391557GELZERThomasUONV063053TRYPANISC. A.UONV063052Harvard University PressUONV245793650HeinemannUONV247100650CALLIMACOCALLIMACHUSUONV059626ITSOL20210809RICASIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOUONSIUON0097175SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOSI T 1 LOEB GR CALL SI MC 11172 5 Aetia1303735Iambi ; Lyric Poems ; Hecale ; Minor Epic and Elegiac Poems ; other fragments1303736UNIOR