01462nac# 22002291i 450 UON0050032220231205105411.62020191113f |0itac50 baUS|||| |||||b||||||||||Great Illustrated ClassicsNew YorkDodd, Mead & Co.001UON005003852001 ˆThe ‰deerslayerby James Fenimore Cooperwith illustrations reproducing drawings for early editions and photographs of historical scenes together with an introductory biographical sketch of the author and anecdotal captions by Basil Davenport.- New YorkDodd, Mead & Co., 1952210 573 p.ill. ; 22 cm001UON005003202001 ˆThe ‰last of the Mohicansby James Fenimore Cooperwith an introduction and captions by Basil Davenport210 New YorkDodd, Mead & Co.1951215 VII, 370 p., [16] c. di tav.ill.22 cm001UON005003822001 ˆThe ‰pathfinderby James Fenimore Cooperwith illustrations of the author and his environment and reproductions of drawings for early editions of the book together with an introduction and descriptive captions by Allen Klots, Jr210 New YorkDodd, Mead & Co.1953215 501 p.ill.22 cmUSNew YorkUONL000050Dodd, Mead & Co.UONV252994650ITSOL20240220RICAUON00500322Great Illustrated Classics1848616UNIOR