01341nam2 22002533i 450 SUN004415220110405101046.50420060412d1911 |0engc50 baengGB|||| |||||ˆ4: ‰Florentine masters of the Fifteenth centuryedited by Laugton Douglasassisted by G. De NicolaLondonMurray1911IX, 387 p. , [54] c. di tav.ill.25 cm.001SUN00441362001 ˆA ‰history of painting in ItalyUmbria Florence and Siena from the second to the Sixteenth centuryby J.A. Crowe and G.B. Cavalcaselle4205 Rist210 LondonMurray1923-1926215 6 v.ill.23 cm. - Sul front.: In six volumes illustrated. - Rist. dell'ed. 1903-1914.GBLondonSUNL000015Douglas, LangtonSUNV035648Murray, J.SUNV001901650ITSOL20181109RICASUN0044152UFFICIO DI BIBLIOTECA DEL DIPARTIMENTO DI LETTERE E BENI CULTURALI07 CONS Nb 360 I 4 07 49251 UFFICIO DI BIBLIOTECA DEL DIPARTIMENTO DI LETTERE E BENI CULTURALIIT-CE010349251CONS Nb 360 I 4caFlorentine masters of the Fifteenth century1404038UNICAMPANIA