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Place, Space and the New Labour Internationalisms


[Place of publication not identified], : Wiley Blackwell Imprint, 2002




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1 online resource (vi, 300 pages)




Foreign trade and employment


Industrial relations

International labor activities

Labor movement

Labor unions

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Front Matter -- Place, Space and the New Labour Internationalisms. Introduction: Place, Space and the New Labour Internationalisms: Beyond the Fragments? / Peter Waterman, Jane Wills -- New Developments in Trade Union Internationalism. Trade Union Internationalism in the Age of Seattle / Peter Waterman -- Southern Unionism and the New Labour Internationalism / Rob Lambert, Eddie Webster -- Rethinking the International Confederation of Free Trade Unions and its Inter-American Regional Organization / Kjeld Jakobsen -- Transnational Capital, Urban Globalisation and Cross-Border Solidarity: The Case of the South African Municipal Workers / Franco Barchiesi -- Labor Internationalism and the Contradictions of Globalization: Or, Why the Local is Sometimes Still Important in a Global Economy / Andrew Herod -- New Issues for Labour Internationalism. World Trade and Workers' Rights: In Search of an Internationalist Position / Rohini Hensman -- NAFTA's Labor Side Agreement and International Labor Solidarity / Lance Compa -- European Integration and Industrial Relations: A Case of Variable Geometry? / Richard Hyman -- Uneven Geographies of Capital and Labour: The Lessons of

European Works Councils / Jane Wills -- Women Workers and the Promise of Ethical Trade in the Globalised Garment Industry: A Serious Beginning? / Angela Hale, Linda Shaw -- Propositions on Trade Unions and Informal Employment in Times of Globalisation / Dan Gallin -- A Manifesto Against Femicide / Melissa Wright -- Union Responses to Mass Immigration: The Case of Miami, USA / Bruce Nissen, Guillermo Grenier -- Index.


New interest in labour and union internationalism has developed over the last 10-15 years. This collection, co-edited by scholars from an older and younger generation, is a very original attempt to grapple with the challenges of globalisation for labor. The collection includes contributions from academics and activists based in the North and South.