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Mapping pre-modern Sicily : maritime violence, cultural exchange, and imagination in the Mediterranean, 800-1700 / / edited by Emily Sohmer Tai and Kathryn L. Reyerson


Cham, Switzerland : , : Springer Nature Switzerland AG, , [2022]




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1 online resource (359 pages)


Mediterranean Perspectives






Sicily (Italy) History 15th-18th centuries

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Includes bibliographical references and index.

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Intro -- Mapping Pre-Modern Sicily: Maritime Violence, Cultural Exchange, and Imagination in the Mediterranean -- Acknowledgments -- Contents -- Notes on Contributors -- List of Figures -- List of Maps -- List of Tables -- Chapter 1: Introduction -- Part I: Maritime Violence: Piracy and War -- Chapter 2: Struggle for the Strait -- Physical Description -- Strategic Significance -- Struggles of Antiquity -- Struggles of the Early Middle Ages -- Struggles of the High Middle Ages -- Struggles of the Late Middle Ages -- Strategic Significance Lost -- Chapter 3: Continuum of Violence in the Mediterranean World: The Case of Roger de Lauria -- The Charge of Piracy -- The Sources -- Medieval Piracy -- Battles and Raids -- Medieval Admirals and the Performance of Piracy -- Conclusion -- Chapter 4: The Art of Raiding: The Catalan-Aragonese Raid of the Aegean in 1292 -- The Raid -- Goods Seized and Their Value -- Repercussions -- Conclusion -- Chapter 5: Sicily's Financial and Logistical Contribution: During the Military Campaign of Alfonso V for Conquest of Naples -- Part II: Travel and Trade -- Chapter 6: Trade Relations Between Sicily, Ifrı̄qiya, and Egypt Under the Fatimids and Zirids of Ifrı̄qiya (Tenth-Eleventh Centuries) -- Renowned and Exported Productions from Sicily -- The Growth of Maritime Trade in Sicily -- Conclusion -- Chapter 7: The

Increase of Good Customs: Muslim Resistance and Material Concerns in Post-Norman Sicily -- Chapter 8: Trade Between the French Midi and the Kingdom of Sicily -- Introduction -- Southern French Merchants in the Kingdom of Sicily -- Trade Under Foreign Flag: The Trading Ventures of the "Sanctus Egidius" and "Girfalcus" (1248) -- Conclusion -- Chapter 9: Compassion, Fear, Fugitive Slaves, and a Pirates' Shrine: Lampedusa, ca. 1550-ca. 1750 -- Part III: Literary and Material Culture.

Chapter 10: The End of Muslim Sicily: A Poetics of Fitna -- Arabic Historiographers on the End of Muslim Sicily -- What Is Fitna? -- Al-Tamīmī's "Ifranjiyya" -- Ibn Ḥamdīs's Fitna -- Conclusion -- Chapter 11: Neocastro's Epic History -- Chapter 12: "The Luxuriant Southern Scene" Textiles as Reflections of Power in the Kingdom of Southern Italy and Sicily -- Chapter 13: Ghosts of Admiral Roger: Piracy and Political Fantasy in Tirant lo Blanc -- Corsairs and Crusaders: Models for Tirant lo Blanc -- Tirant lo Blanc as Corsair Admiral -- Piracy and Mediterranean "Connectivity" -- Conclusion -- Part IV: Digital Sicily -- Chapter 14: Digital Mapping Technology and the War of the Sicilian Vespers: Using New Methods to Better Understand Old Problems -- Introduction -- Project Description and the Integration of Digital Mapping Technology -- New Directions for History and Digital Mapping -- Conclusions -- Chapter 15: The Norman Sicily Project: An Ongoing, Web-Based Effort to Promote the Island's Eleventh- and Twelfth-Century Past -- Methodology -- An Example of What We Can Learn from the Project: Connections Between People and Places -- Another Example of What We Can Learn from the Project: An Opportunity for Comparison -- Conclusion -- Bibliography -- Archival Sources -- Printed Primary Sources -- Secondary Sources -- Databases and Resources -- Digital Software Sites -- Index.