01980nam a2200313 i 4500040112r1980 de c 000 0 eng 360100187X (set)Biblioteca Interfacoltàita018.131University of Cambridge :Library318888A catalogue of the manuscripts preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge /edited for the Syndics of the University Press ; with a new preface and a new introduction to reprintMünchen :Kraus Reprint ;Hildesheim ;New York :G. Olms,19806 v. ;24 cmRipr. facs. dell'ed.: Cambridge : University Press, 1856-1867[6]: Adversaria index / with a concordance of old and new class-marks [by Henry Richards Luard]. - 1980. - XIII, 168 p.University of Cambridge : LibraryCataloghiManoscrittiInghilterraCambridgeCataloghi.b1258505102-04-1412-01-04b1258505LE002 SB 018.131 GB CALE002 Enc. Bibl. 27/001V. 112002000256355le002pE100,00-no00000.i1305344912-01-04LE002 Enc. Bibl. 27/002V. 212002000256362le002nE100,00-s-00000.i1305345012-01-04LE002 Enc. Bibl. 27/003V. 312002000256379le002nE100,00-s-00000.i1305346212-01-04LE002 Enc. Bibl. 27/004V. 412002000256386le002nE100,00-s-00000.i1305349812-01-04LE002 Enc. Bibl. 27/005V. 512002000256393le002nE100,00-s-00000.i1305350412-01-04LE002 Enc. Bibl. 27/006V. 612002000256409le002nE98,00-l-00000.i1305352812-01-04Catalogue of the manuscripts preserved in the Library of the University of Cambridge253028UNISALENTOle00212-01-04ma-engde 21