01253nam a2200277 i 4500LE0298404420020507124529.0000316s1989 uk ||| | eng 0080379672ISUFI - Sett. Diritti e Politiche Euromediterraneeita330Meade, James Edward143370Agatothopia :the economics of partnership :a tract for the times addressed to all capitalists and socialists who seek to make the best of both worlds /James Edward MeadeAberdeen :Aberdeen University Press,1989xii, 75 p. ;23 cm.Hume paper ;16In testa al front.: The David Hume Institute 1989Agatotopia.b1020631017-02-1727-06-02b1020631LE029 330 MEA01.02 C.11LE029-1117le029-E0,00-no00000.i1025458427-06-02LE029 330 MEA01.02 C.22LE029-1119le029-E0,00-no00000.i1025459627-06-02LE029 330 MEA01.02 C.33LE029-1227le029-E0,00-no00000.i1025460227-06-02Agatothopia192404UNISALENTOle02901-01-00ma-enguk 03