01427nam0 22002891i 450 UON029722620150203102123.33020070612d1968 |0engc50 baengGB||||Z 1||||A *complete concordance to the Vorau and Strassburg "Alexander"of Pfaffe Lamprecht]with a reverse index to the graphic forms and index of rhymes and a ranking list of frequenciesby R.A. WisbeyLeedsManey and Son1968XI, 563 p.23 cm.001UON02843652001 *Compendiacomputer-generated aids to literary and linguistic ResearchV. 1210 LeedsW.S. Maney and SonALESSANDRO MAGNO356-323 A.C.FIUON0026017POESIA EPICA TEDESCASec. 12.StudiFIUON0061455LeedsUON0000580831.2Poesia tedesca. 1150-130021WISBEY, Roy AlbertUON0170880695070Maney and sonUON0030656650ITSOL20150908RICAUON0297226SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOSI Fil.G VI SI FG 746 547 SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOFG746Fil.G VI 547 eComplete concordance to the Vorau and Strassburg "Alexander"1251328UNIOR