01285nam0 22003011i 450 UON023336720030730120000.020030730d1956 |0engc50 baengUS||||0 |||||*Seven playsThe songs ; The sonnets ; Selections from the other plays[William] Shakespeare3rd printingNew YorkThe Viking Press1944printing 1956)viii, 792 p.18 cm.001UON01771972001 The *Viking Portable LibraryP 8210 New YorkThe Viking PressUSNew YorkUONL000050822.33Letteratura drammatica inglese. William Shakespeare21SHAKESPEARE, WilliamUONV006939132200Viking PressUONV014129650SAIKSPI'IRSHAKESPEARE, WilliamUONV090012Ć EKSPIR, VilijamSHAKESPEARE, WilliamUONV229123ITSOL20200518RICAUON0233367SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOSI Angl II A SHA Sev SI SI 56245 Seven plays1233472The songs ; The sonnets ; Selections from the other plays1233473UNIOR