01360nam0 22003131i 450 UON019673220070606120000.007-293-0089-720030730d1980 |0engc50 baengGB||||A |||||A *Gil Vicente bibliography, (1940-1975)by Costantine C. Stathatoswith a preface by Thomas R. HartLondonGrant & Cutler1980. 132 p. ; 23 cm001UON01728582001 * Research Bibliographies and Checklists30210 LondonGrant and Cutler. -BIBLIOGRAFIE PERSONALIFIUON0039244VICENTE GILBibliografiaFIUON0041034BIOGRAFIEFIUON0058042GBLondonUON0003044012Biobibliografie21STATHATOS, Constantine C.UON0116908169592HART, Thomas R.UON0116909Grant and CutlerUON0023507650ITSOL20150908RICAUON0196732SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOSI S.C II C SI LO 59656 14 SIBA - SISTEMA BIBLIOTECARIO DI ATENEOLO59656S.C II C 14 eGil Vicente bibliography, (1940-19751290998UNIOR