02480nam2 22004453i 450 SUN003119420150605095029.52006-7499-509-020041222d1989 |0engc50 baengLATGB|||| |||||ˆ28: The ‰letters to his brother QuintusThe letters to Brutus[Cicero]translated by W. Glynn Williams [and] M. CaryHandbook of electioneering[Quintus Tullius Cicero]Letter to Octavian[Pseudo-Cicero][both] translated by Mary Henderson[Reprinted with additions]Cambridge, Mass.Harvard university1989XXIX, 824 p.17 cm. - Testo latino a fronte.001SUN00346992001 ˆThe ‰Loeb classical library462210 LondonHeinemannNew YorkPutnams[poi] Cambridge (Mass.)Harvard universityLondonHeinemann.001SUN00724562001 Ciceroin twenty eight volumes28205 Cambridge : Harvard universityLondon : Heinemann210 v. ; 17 cm215 Testo latino a fronte.SUN0078876Letters1400669GBLondonSUNL000015876'.0121Cicero, Marcus TulliusSUNV00988382411Cary, MaxSUNV009551Henderson, MarySUNV025810Williams, William GlynnSUNV025811HeinemannSUNV001980650Cicerone, Marco TullioCicero, Marcus TulliusSUNV009447CiceroneCicero, Marcus TulliusSUNV009448CicĂ©ronCicero, Marcus TulliusSUNV055928Cicero, Marcus T.Cicero, Marcus TulliusSUNV025808Cary, M.Cary, MaxSUNV025809Williams, W. GlynnWilliams, William GlynnSUNV057897ITSOL20181109RICASUN0031194UFFICIO DI BIBLIOTECA DEL DIPARTIMENTO DI GIURISPRUDENZA00 CONS XVIII.P.13 28 00 3515 UFFICIO DI BIBLIOTECA DEL DIPARTIMENTO DI LETTERE E BENI CULTURALI07 CONS Xe 4 Cic 07 408 UFFICIO DI BIBLIOTECA DEL DIPARTIMENTO DI GIURISPRUDENZA3515CONS XVIII.P.13 28paUFFICIO DI BIBLIOTECA DEL DIPARTIMENTO DI LETTERE E BENI CULTURALIIT-CE0103408CONS Xe 4 CiccaLetters1400669UNICAMPANIA